C.F. Martin Guitars

My first instrument as a young music student was guitar and playing guitar has been a part of my life - to varying degrees - ever since.  With that, I was particularly excited when the idea arose to take a day trip with my family down to Nazareth, PA to tour the Martin Guitars factory. To say that Martin is a legendary manufacturer would be an understatement. I think every guitar player, myself very much included, dreams of owning a Martin at some point. Taking the tour underscored that dream.

It is truly remarkable to see, in the 21st century, how much of the process is done completely by hand. The artisans in the factory clearly love what they do and pour that into each piece - you can see it on the tour and hear and feel it in the end product. The icing on the cake was just how open they were to stop and answer questions while showing us their trade.

If you are ever remotely close, I highly recommend stopping by! It’s a fascinating tour - and it inspired me to start practicing again!

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