History Take a Veteran to School Day 2016

And now for something a little different… I had the absolute privilege of photographing a Veteran’s Day event for the History Channel and A+E Networks yesterday in Scarsdale, NY. History brought in three amazing US Veterans to speak to the kids about their experiences and to allow the students to say thank you. 

Watching the students look at these three gentlemen with respect and awe, being able to hear a pin drop in a gym full of elementary school students while the gentlemen spoke, and listening to those students of all races and creeds sing the songs of all branches of the US Armed Forces was inspiring and brought me hope. 

Listening to the Veterans speak of their service, reminding the children that soldiers hate war, would rather it not happen, but that they served so that future generations like theirs could have the same or even better opportunities was heartwarming.

Thank you to these wonderful Veterans who not only served but who took the time to share with children. Thank you to the History Channel for organizing these important events. Thank you to all who have served to fight back the forces that would have freedom taken away from people everywhere. 

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