Matthew Whittaker

Every now and then I have the great joy of photographing a young artist and thinking, immediately, watch out for this one! It’s happened before and it happened again back in January. 

Allow me to put Matthew Whittaker on your radar, if he’s not there already. 

Matthew is a 15 year old jazz pianist with immense talent and a fire in his belly for music that just won’t quick. Getting Matthew to stop playing the piano long enough for us to make some portraits was a true challenge! Matthew was standing behind the piano for one of these shots - and kept reaching around to play a bass line that was running through his mind. I don’t say any of this as a complaint - it was magic to watch this young man, with music oozing from every pore, attack the piano with intensity, love and emotion. Oh, by the way, on top of all of that - Matthew is blind.

Do yourself a favor and head over to his website for a listen. 

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